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Book Chapters 

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Erskine, J.A.K. (November, 2013) 

Erskine, J.A.K. (2008) 

Doctoral Theses

Papers in Preparation / Under Review

Erskine, J.A.K., McGauley, G., Wright, C. & Gillard, S. (Under review). Personality disorders and recovery. 

Kvavilashvili, L. & Erskine J.A.K. (In preparation).The effect of reminders on prospective memory performance. 

Erskine, J.A.K., Kvavilashvili, L., Georgiou, G.J., & Zehra, S. (In preparation). Ageing and predicting suicidal ideation. 

Erskine, J.A.K., Kvavilashvili, L., Myers, L., Zehra, S., & Georgiou, G.J. (Under review) Improved mental health in old age? The importance of repressive coping. 

Erskine, J.A.K., O’Brien, A. & Avent, C. (Under review) Peer assessment: New paradigm or waste of time?

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